We proud you to intoroduce our Rose Water & Rose Oil which been loved since the Ottoman era 1360.
CleanRose‘s finest Rose Water & Rose Oil had been presented to the queens of the world and the world's noble women. Rose Water has been also loved regardless of male and female.
No one doubt the Rose is a most beautiful flower which every women love. As a beauty law for women, it has been drawing attention since ancient times and boasts the beauty that everyone recognizes as the highest peak of beauty. Indeed it complements beauty further «The Oil field of beauty», that is Rose Oil.
Rose Oil collected from Roses has high rarity value. The natural authentic Rose scent and proprietary recipe from ancient times have a wonderful history without limit, and unlike the fragrance of artificial Roses of recent years it is precious and precious.
Our [CleanROSE] brand will guarantee its quality. Please try our high quality Rose Water & Rose Oil as a partner essence of your life.
The Rose Water can be used as a body lotion throughout the body.
It will be pleasing people who are moisturizing the sunburned skin, stains, freckles and dry skin. And also use it before going to bed, relaxation effect comes out and you can sleep at comfortable. If you put some Rose Water into your shampoo, softens hair and gives strength and firmness. There are various ways to use it and I am pleased to many people.